Instituto Mexicano Del Cemento Y Del Concreto

We have processed your Sponsoring Group re-application, and I am pleased to announce your group has been re-authorized through 09/15/2015. If there are any changes to your group's contacts, examiners, or certification committee members, notify me as soon as possible.

Take this moment to visit and review Under the "Information for Examiners & SGs" you will find the policies that govern each certification program. Please print a copy of the policies for each program your group offers. It is your responsibility that everyone involved is familiar with, and follows ACI Certification policies.

In addition, keep us notified of your upcoming training/testing sessions so that we may add this information to the certification calendar on the ACI Website.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or 248-848-3830.

Cheryce Johnson
Certification and Chapter Activities Coordinator
American Concrete Institute

ACI en México