Any changes in rates will be announced prior to effective date..
Construcción y Tecnología will only accept advertisements that are approved by the advertiser or the advertisibg agency. Therefore, the advertiser or his advertising agency will not hold us liable for any complaints or charges, violation of copyrights, plagiarism, property rights or any other change based on the content of the advertisement under contract.
Construcción y Tecnología reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement..
Each contract will be charged the Value Added Tax.
Construcción y Tecnología will hold printing negatives which are not reclaimed by the advertiser for a maximun period of six months. After six months they will be destroyed without any responsability on the magazine.
The number of magazine copies printed monthly is 10,000.
Construcción y Tecnología is distributed by mail to subscriptors and associates of IMCYC, A.C.


  CLOSING: On the first Friday of each month.
ON SALE: Second Friday of next month.